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We organized
The 20th Biocatalysis Symposium of Japan
December 12-13, 2018 @ Tokyo Institute of Technology, Suzukakedai Campus, Yokohama, Japan
Thank you very much for your participation.


Our research interest is to promote of green chemistry
by using biocatalytic reactions for organic synthesis.

Because of homo-chirality in biology on the earth, for instance amino acids which are composed of only left-handed or L-isomer, the discovery and development of stereoselective organic synthetic methods for pharmaceutical and agrochemicals are very important. Chemical and biological catalysts have been developed throughout several decades. To synthesize them in environmentally friendly methods, enzymes are being used as catalysts.

We have utilized pressurized CO2 (liquid or supercritical CO2), which has numerous positive impacts on green chemistry, as an excellent platform for biocatalysis. We have also found that strains of Geotrichum candidum have many robust oxidoreductases with extremely excellent stereoselectivity. The excellent enantioselectivity can be achieved even when very challenging bulky-bulky ketones are used. For more informations, visit the research page.

A message for prospective graduate students

Letfs enjoy science!! It is most important to do research to discover something new, which may be trivial, to contribute solutions to environmental problems. We are studying enzymatic reactions to construct new organic synthesis reactions. Be part of a delightful lab team!! Teamwork is also essential to produce unique and interesting research results. Therefore, we try to make a happy, peaceful, and cooperative group. Currently, we have 14 students with great individualities from 5 different countries. Please feel free to contact me or our members for more information.


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